The post below was half baked…..and then the pace of my very busy weekend swept me away like a tsunami and — poof — March was gone. The majority of March was an Emmaus blur — Men’s walk 141, Women’s walk 142 and REC prison walk 16. It is now April but I am posting this back on Feb 27 where I intended it to be:

I am about 72 hours into a very busy, non-stop week of constant activity. It started early Monday morning with a 6am visit to my local radio station WJIE for a stint answering the phones during their annual fundraiser Share-A-Thon. I have volunteered for a few years now and always find it fulfilling and fun. They are a great local ministry resource and I am humbled they let me get involved physically and financially. After doing that for 2 hours I had to hit my day job to pay the bills. That was exciting because there was still spillover elation from a product launch that occurred Friday. The FDA had approved a first in class product that is basically a smart bomb for breast cancer. It is pretty cool stuff and I was blessed enough to be on the launch team. Even better was that we, as a company, were able to get product down to a patient to be dosed at UCLA who opened on a Saturday for just that event!

Immediately after work I headed up to an evening formation meeting. The team I am a part of is preparing physically and spiritually for a prison ministry weekend at the end of March. Each week we gather to worship, pray, organize, preview talks and generally get the team ready for what God has in store for us in spreading the gospel behind bars. It is my first experience with this group and this type of ministry and, while intimidating, it has been a very inspiring and energetic process. I cannot wait to see what God has in store and what hearts will be touched.

That time was very well spent but it resulted in me getting home at 10:30pm — too late to see my family and it made for a long 17 hour day. Tuesday morning was a repeat of Monday — getting up early and out the door to make the 6am radio phone volunteer gig. Repeat the going to work without the excitement of a product launch — although every day is important when it means getting medicine to patients in need. Follow that with a weekly Scouts meeting and it made for another long follow up day to Monday. Luckily, I was home around 8:30pm when everyone was still awake so I enjoyed seeing my kids and wife.

Again, a half baked post, but that was the reality back then. And zippo posts for March, even though it was VERY rich spiritually.

…..Dan at aslowerpace dot net