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I saw the snippet below during my cardio workout this morning. It was a news highlight of a new book by Darrin Patrick — “The Dude’s Guide to Manhood”, with a forward by Duck Dynasty men.

While I haven’t read it, he hits on some pretty good observations.

  • It’s not a personality thing, but more of a character thing.
  • A real man can be tough and tender.
  • Be a family man.
  • Be a coachable man.
  • Be a connected man. Have true friends. A friend should act like a good surgeon — he cuts, but he cuts to heal.
  • Be a fighting man — fight for character. Fight the right fight.

Video link here —

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Yesterday’s video of the Little Drummer Boy was one of beauty and entertainment. The link to today’s video is one of truth and light. Our culture doesn’t want any of us to see that, but it still doesn’t make it any less than truth.


What a redemptive story.

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Our country would be so much better off if we ripped the script from this commercial and applied it directly to every single person, entity, business, and gov’t agency immediately.

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I saw this on my friend’s Facebook page — in fact, the same friend who hosts this site. Her small business (the one Obama said she didn’t build) is there on the sidebar, American Discount Web Hosting. And boy am I glad I switched from sleazy Ho-Daddy to a small business that is built on values.

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