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Last week, the practice of stillness came up as a topic. While I have not integrated it into my every day routine, I have been able to stop several times since that post and just be still. Today I am sharing a pic of one of my favorite locations — for prayer, for thinking, and for just being still.


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Today is my son’s birthday. As a family, we are excited to celebrate it. Birthdays, like anniversaries and celebratory dates, are important because they are milestones in our path of life. They are natural spots that allow us to pause and reflect back on certain aspects of our journey. Think of them as “lookout points” on your Slower Pace hiking trail where you should pause, reflect, and look back upon your hike.

Soak in the view.

Catch your breath.

Realize how far you have come.

Enjoy your accomplishments.



Why is it that during an actual hike we take advantage of these physical lookout points and scenic spots, but we don’t do the same in our hurried lives?

I encourage you to take a look at your calendar, identify the next milestone in your life, and make plans to pause, reflect, and enjoy the view.

And for my son — Happy Birthday, D! I love you!

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With summer now officially here, it might be good to take advantage of the season and warmer weather and identify some Slower Pace activities for enjoyment and fulfillment. Below are some from my list:

  • buy some Bomb Pops (red, white, and blue popsicles) for the freezer to pull out on a really hot day
  • sit by the pool under the umbrella with a good book
  • take the kids to get some ice cream
  • take a walk outside right after a summer rainstorm
  • sit on the porch and watch the lightning bugs
  • get up early in the morning and just listen to the birds and watch the sun rise
  • take the family to a baseball game
  • lie on one of my wife’s quilts on a clear night and watch the stars

I’m sure y’all have some of your own. Please add them below in your comments.

What’s on your Slower Pace bucket list this summer?

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Tomorrow is the first official day of summer. Spring sure left us with a beautiful sunset to say goodbye.

It was a nice Slower Pace evening outside  with the family after a thunderstorm.

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On my drive home last night I listened to a very informative podcast (putting into practice one of my Slower Pace principles of dual use-ing time — to be discussed later in another post). This was a podcast by Michael Hyatt on stillness. He was promoting the practice of stillness — the act of just being still. Not praying, not contemplating, not meditating — just being still.

I know what you are thinking — because I was thinking the some of the same things.

  • I don’t have time for that.
  • That is not productive.
  • I can’t find a location or time of day where I won’t be interrupted.
  • I can’t sit still for more than a few minutes.

But as Michael continued promoting the practice, also admitting he was still a beginner, I was taken back to some times where I had unintentionally engaged in the art of stillness, interestingly most often on vacation. I can remember a time last October sitting on the beach just mesmerized by the waves, the salt air, and the sound of the surf. Another time was at a local camp sitting by the pond, tossing in pebbles, and watching the ripples enlarge outward. Surely you can imagine a time or two when you engaged in the same act of stillness.

Unfortunately for most of us, it is not frequent enough for us to #1) get good at it and #2) realize its full potential.

Over the next week, I want to challenge each of you to engage in the act of stillness for 10 minutes a day. I will do the same and loop back in a blog post. It is my hope that it can be used as another tool in our Slower Pace toolbox.

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P.S. – here is the link to Michael Hyatt’s blogpost and podcast —


This is right in line with one of my top 7 ways to lead A Slower Pace life. Drop me an email — Dan at — to get the entire FREE list of great suggestions to slow the pace of your life.

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20 years ago I was glued to the TV like 95 million other Americans watching OJ Simpson’s slow speed car chase. Who knew that he was so ahead of the times — really trying to slow the pace of his life. If I had A Slower Pace top 10, he’d easily make the list.


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It has been quite a while since I have posted. There are many reasons for my absence — work travel, family priorities, multiple ministry efforts, and general life. However, as I sit on the pool deck after soaking up a wonderful Father’s Day, watching my son build a bonfire, and my daughter catch a frog, I realize there are some slower pace things that need to be shared with others as well as improved upon personally. It is my intent to refocus this site onto what the domain name states —A Slower Pace.

Consequently, I will be intentional on posting consistently as well as intentional on posting topically. I am looking forward to sharing, learning, and improving. I am also looking forward to building a two way communication with those who read here and have similar mindsets on slowing down, soaking up our blessings, and enjoying this path called life.

Thanks for reading,

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