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In today’s sermon, the topic was service and how Christ was the model servant. He shows us how to serve, He tells us how to serve, and He expects us to serve others.

An observation was made during the sermon of some Christians who continually take in faith — reading, Bible study, small groups, devotions — the list goes on of what is consumed in pursuit of faith. But just as we inhale when we breathe, we must make sure that we don’t always take in for our faith. We must serve and exhale our faith into the world, as Jesus calls us to do.

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I am a very big supporter of Christian radio — and for so many reasons. It is a ray of light into our dark world. Musical joy and hope for our day. A form of entertainment you can listen to and enjoy with your kids without filter or censorship. And, of course, a conduit and vehicle for people to find their way to Christ.

My local Christian radio station, 88.5 WJIE, is an awesome community partner that provides local support, great praise and worship concerts, and scriptural encouragement. You can join me in enjoying their ministry by streaming them at —

Another Christian radio station I support is K-LOVE. They are a national Christian radio station that retransmits in many different cities. You can also stream them online at — just like I am doing right now. I blogged a previous post about K-LOVE’s ministry during a recent multi-state drive I made from Texas to Kentucky.

WJIE had their big fundraiser back in February and they surpassed their goal thanks to the generocity of the Lord. I was blessed enough to be able to support them financially, spiritually, and physically (by answering phones). What a blessing they are!

K-LOVE is having their big fundraiser this week! You can participate with prayer and by donating. They are another effective vessel that God is using for His glory and you have the opportunity to be a part of that. Go check it out at

At the very least, go online and stream the wonderful music these radio ministries provide. I can guarantee that the positive, uplifting music glorifies Christ and will change your heart, mind and life.

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While praying this morning in the shower, the image below came to me and I was awed by the vastness, power, grace and gentleness.

God provides for the flitter of the butterfly’s wings and the firing of the sun.

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Yesterday was my weekly day to volunteer serving breakfast at Wayside Christian Mission. And for the last two weeks I have added a twist by bringing one of my kids to help serve. They are reluctant when I get them up at 5:00am so we can be down there by 6:00am but we have had a wonderful time serving Christ each time we’ve done it.

So yesterday, when my son and I were serving donuts, hash browns and cinnamon biscuits, a lady came across our line. She was more peppy than the average person that time of the morning. We exchanged niceties and as she began walking away with her full plate I commented that I liked her shirt — which had a picture of Jesus.

Now this can sometimes be challenging in this situation. Not because it is Jesus. But because many of the folks that frequent Wayside get their clothes secondhand or donated. And just because they are wearing a Cincinnati Bengals hat, or a Louisville Cardinals shirt, or a UK beanie, doesn’t necessarily mean they like or even follow the team. It might have just been a convenient or free item that fits their needs, but not their loyalties. But I digress.

After my comment, she looked me straight in the eye, broke into a smile, and said that we shared the same Savior. It was at that moment that she began to light up and we relocated further down the end of the line so we could chat. It was down near my son with the donuts so he heard the discussion.

She began with an introduction. Her name was Freeda. She said she attended Lampton Baptist Church. I shared my name and place of worship and then she started into some Scripture riddles. This caught me off guard but I was up for some interesting conversation so I went along.

Freeda: “Knock, knock”
Me: “Who’s there?”
Freeda: “Jesus”
Me: “Jesus who”
Freeda: “Here I am! I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears my voice and opens the door, I will come in and eat with that person, and they with me. — Revelation 3:20”

Freeda: “How many ways can you go on a one way street?”
Me: “One”
Freeda: “No. You can go two ways, but only one is the right way. Enter through the narrow gate. For wide is the gate and broad is the road that leads to destruction, and many enter through it. But small is the gate and narrow the road that leads to life, and only a few find it. — Matthew 7:13-14”

At that point with our eyes shining and sharing in the Spirit, I asked her what her story was. She said she had seizures and they detracted her from a normal way of life. My heart went out to her and I asked her if she needed anything. She said she was blessed and provided for. I told her that I was down there most Friday mornings and if she needed something I would be honored to be able to be used. She came around the end of the line by my son and gave me a hug. I responded by telling her that she made my day…..and it wasn’t even 8am yet. At that, she found a table and chair and proceeded to enjoy her breakfast.

I hope to see Freeda some Friday morning in the near future. If not, I just might have to make my way over to her place of worship to make sure she is doing well. What a bright and shining light she is for God…..and even more so when you consider her circumstances.

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This evening upon returning home early from work, my wife had a surprise for me. It was something she made a while ago although I did not know it. I think it is the coolest thing and can’t wait to use it grillin’! What a way to start out the weekend.

I have the best wifey! Thanks, babe!!!!!

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