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I don’t follow college sports. There were rare times when it might grab my attention for a game or two. UCLA vs. USC back in California usually did that and I might catch part of a game. Certain Rose Bowls did that. In fact, I attended the 1992 Rose Bowl and rooted for the victorious University of Washington Huskies and ended up on ESPN that night while spending after game time at coach Don James’ hotel suite. But as far as college sports go, I am usually a fair weather fan or Johnny come lately.

However, as bowl or tournament season heats up I will definitely root for local teams. I was very proud of the University of Kentucky Wildcats last year for winning the NCAA basketball tournament and walking away champions. And I was rooting for both Western Kentucky University and University of Louisville as they entered March madness. And for U of L to be playing tonight and vying for the championship is pretty cool. So, of course, I am on board rooting the Cards. Both mens AND ladies basketball teams. THAT is a pretty big deal!

So go Cards!!! I’ll be asleep at the time of tip off but I hope you come out victorious.

…..Dan at aslowerpace dot net

The only One who can truly satisfy the human heart
is the One who made it.

…..Dan at aslowerpace dot net

Before I get into my story, if you don’t know the background of the Jesus Card — go here.

As I drove to work this morning, I was in a groove listening to my local Christian radio station, WJIE. I was about halfway to work when I noticed a small car on the side of the freeway up ahead. As I passed, I noticed the truck open with the spare tire out and a young lady sitting in the driver’s seat. I was moved to act and exited at the next offramp so I could go back around and help her out. On my way back on the other side, I noticed a guy in a pickup truck on the shoulder with the same predicament. I made a mental note and decided to come back to him after I helped out the young lady. God was giving me lots of opportunity this morning.

The small car was parked in the wedge of land between the freeway and the offramp and she had pulled way over to the side. This made me happy because it was very safe and gave lots of room to safely pull over. I approached her car, she rolled the window down and I asked her if I could do anything to help her. With the spare tire out, I figured she didn’t have enough strength to either jack the car up or loosen the lug nuts. Unfortunately, it was neither. She had some very nice custom wheels but did not have the lug tool key. She had called AAA and was waiting for them to arrive. Unable to offer any physical assistance, I switched my speech to making sure she felt safe and then asking her if she knew Jesus. I handed her the Jesus card and she said she knew Him and thanked me for stopping.

I got back into my car and, as I looked back for a clearing in the freeway traffic so I could merge safely I noticed a huge gap — which was created by the AAA flatbed truck arriving. I laughed at God’s timing and jumped into the gap which allowed the tow truck to inhabit my spot. God’s perfect timing. And it brought a smile to my face.

I shifted gears to pickup truck guy on the other side of the freeway and down a mile. My smile turned into a hearty laugh when I saw across the median a tow truck pull in front of pickup truck guy. And while pickup truck guy wouldn’t get a Jesus card, I knew he was going to be OK.

…..Dan at aslowerpace dot net