Note to readers, the first part of this posting is done by Mrs. Aslowerpace in honor of Mother’s Day.

Last week after Church I went shopping and came home with two new dresses. I came in and gave Hubby a kiss and thanked him for my Mother’s Day gift. I figured I got what I wanted and he didn’t have to worry about it now.

Today I slept until 7:00! For someone who is up every day at 5:00 am, that is sleeping in for me. I was greeted by my husband and daughters who made coffee for me. Our son who made his usual way to our bed at 3:00 am is sleeping beside me. As I read my homemade cards, he wakes up. He said he has a very special Mother’s Day present for me and leaves the room. While I drink my coffee and wait for my breakfast in bed to arrive, My son returns with a huge smile. He says he has brushed his teeth for me. You see normally it’s like pulling teeth to get him to brush his teeth. I tell him I am very happy and he says there is more. He returns dressed for Church (and it’s not his army shorts) and drags me out of bed to show me that he has cleaned his room (OK so he shoved the toys in the closet, but it still counts). Happy Mother’s Day to me! Dan and the girls arrive with my breakfast. Both girls are dressed and are also ready for Church. There has been no fighting, whining or yelling this morning. This, along with my homemade gifts, are my Mother’s Day gift. It’s the little simple things in life that count. Not the two dresses I bought for myself. It was my son being proud of himself. It is the spark in both my daughter’s faces as I tear when I read the cards they have made for me. It is my husband who made breakfast and did the dishes for me. These “things” which are not material things have made this Mother’s Day special. My Mom was taken from me when I was too young and I always wished I could make her that special card or picture. I hope all the Moms who receive these special gifts from their children appreciate and cherish them. You can always buy a dress — soon your children will be going to Hallmark for the card and it’s just not the same!

Happy Mother’s Day!

…..Dan at aslowerpace dot net