Mom and kids movie night…..

Well, we had a nice pizza dinner and topped it off with ice cream sundaes. I popped “The Incredibles” DVD in and we were about 10 minutes into family movie night when I got a call from work. Seems there was a very late, very emergency order for product to go out to a patient. So I jumped in the truck and sped to work hoping that I could get everything situated and the product out the door to the patient and back again to salvage the remainder of the night. My wife doesn’t like it but she is very understanding. It’s not like we’re shipping computer parts, peanut butter or ball bearings — this is a patient’s quality of life here and I’m lucky to work for a company that drastically has a positive impact on people’s lives. Luckily it doesn’t happen often and I was able to make it home before the movie ended. We all enjoyed the grand finale superhero fight scene together.

Say a prayer with me for the patient that needs the product early next week. While it was a small inconvenience to my Friday evening, that is miniscule compared to what they are going through. Just one more reminder to count your blessings.

…..Dan at aslowerpace

My first deer encounter…..

Part of the charm of living out here in the country is the wildlife that occasionally pops up. From deer to raccoons to wild turkeys, it is always nice to see those animals we never saw in the California concrete jungle.

Well, this morning as I drove my two lane country road to work I came around a tight corner and surprised two deer. They were very startled and it took them a second to figure out which way to escape my human intrusion into their peaceful feeding. I was worried one of them would try to cross the road in front of me and possibly get hit. I was going slow enough to have stopped but I was relieved when they both vertically levitated to clear the 4 ft high fence and took off into the woods.

I am noticing that the sun is staying up later and later now. It is light for quite a while now after I get home from work. I can’t wait until the first week in April when the time changes and it will be light even later. I took advantage of the time after dinner with it still being light out (and a comfortable 57F degrees) to play tag with the kids while the dogs provided moving obstacles. We then swung a while on the rope swing down by the creek with the kids taking turns and actually sharing (surprise!). We then went on a little hike towards the back creek and just enjoyed the quiet. Birds were out singing and moving about. It really reminded me of some of the parks and open space back in CA — however, this was all ours right outside our house. I am really getting teased by the weather pretending to offer these spring days and then snatching them back with a reality cold front.

Hurry up spring. Get here already!

On another note, we celebrated our three month anniversary here in Kentucky.

…..Dan at aslowerpace dot net