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So I’m sitting here with my wife watching the greatest sporting spectacle — Superbowl 44. So far the game isn’t what anyone thought it would be — an antithesis to the high power, high scoring shootout of two highly rated quarterbacks. I am writing this during half time so we’ll see what the second half brings.

Which leads me to a disturbing question. Why, OH WHY, do there have to be men in underwear during the Superbowl commercials? And back to back, no less (Career Builder and Dockers). What happened to Victoria’s Secret and beer commercial hotties?

Usually the Superbowl halftime shows are pretty lame and they have to have some type of “gimmick” (remember the “wardrobe malfunction”?) to keep people from leaving to empty their bladders and hitting the fridge to refill them. And let me preface this by saying that I was never a Who fan. However, this is the first halftime show I have stayed to watch. And so far it is quite entertaining from a visual and audio perspective.

A quote from my wife — “This is the best halftime show they have had in a long time.”

Well, the talking heads are back and I’m gonna wrap this post up.

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