Archive for April 9th, 2010

My wife and I went to our first Emmaus “gathering” this evening. It is a monthly opportunity for us to rekindle our Emmaus relationships, involvement and commitment. It was nice to see folks on our walk and in the community again.

There was good conversation followed by awesome worship. The music was inspirational and uplifting. It was a small version of the Christian radio that now dominates my car radio and daily commutes. We sang contemporary praise songs like “Sing, Sing, Sing” (Chris Tomlin) and “Amazing Grace” (the modern version, also by Chris Tomlin).

My favorite was a version of “Blessed Be The Name” by Tree63. Now normally I am a fairly reserved worshipper, probably because of my Lutheran background and heritage. It goes back quite a ways all the way to my great grandparents who were Lutheran missionaries to China. But through the recent experiences of the last month or so along with my immersion into scripture, I have been loosening the reigns of worship to more fully reflect what I believe God calls us to do — completely submit to Him and praise him completely and fully from our hearts. It was during the “Blessed Be The Name” rendition that the moment caught my soul. The beautiful sound of praise. The harmonious tunes of worship. The fellowships of believers. Tears of praise streamed down and stumbled across the smile on my face as I lifted up my voice and my hand in praise of my Lord. It was exactly what I was made to do and such a fulfilling and moving experience. And it brings so many thoughts into my mind. As a guy, to release and reject society’s image of a crying man. As a churchgoer, to embrace this as a more often occurance and seek it routinely. As a worshipper, to completely submit.

It sure has given me a reason to pause and reflect on my worship of the God who made me and who sacrificed His perfect Son for my sake and salvation.

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