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This week my local radio station, WJIE, is having their Spring fundraiser that raises most of the operating costs for their ministry. I have been fortunate to join them several mornings this week before work to help answer phones and hear some good stories from those who listen. (This explains my lack of posts this week due to early to bed and wake up time at 4:45am.)

There was Maia who was 8 years old and donating $8 from her Christmas money. There was the couple who, during the Fall fundraiser, had pledged $25 a week only to have the husband lose his job that day. They remained faithful and met their pledge in spite of their challenge. He subsequently found an even better job and were calling up to double their pledge to $50 a week. And there was Luke, age 11, who gave $20 and asked that we pray for an upcoming doctor appointment he was worried about.

While I was volunteering and answering phones, I would always end the call by asking the caller if they had any prayer requests. Interestingly, there were no decliners (as there had been in previous years). Every single person had a need or asked that I pray for someone else. It truly mirrored my own prayer list which is very full of folks who are sick, hurting, suffering, hopeless, or just in need of our Savior’s love. I am amazed at how prayer works and have testified in blog posts on the power of prayer.

I encourage you to go pledge — WJIE (Where Jesus Is Exalted. WJIE is a faithful ministry that reaches out, spreads the love of Christ and gives hope and encouragement to those who are listening. And if you are outside of the Louisville listening area you can still stream WJIE online from their web site.

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