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This year for the 3rd annual Thunder Over Finchville the weather cooperated just a little bit better than last year. Although it was the 2nd hotter day EVER recorded in Louisville at 106F (the all time record is 107F degrees), at least it didn’t pummel down rain like it did last year.

This year’s shoot was bigger and we had the luxury of several remote control firing systems. Last year’s improvement was a control board but this year we took it even further. It is so nice to be able to put something like this on. We had many folks who we were blessed to share it with — family friends, my son’s Scout troop, neighbors, folks from church, friends from Emmaus — and even though the weather was scorching, the pool was full of water and kids, the patio was shaded, our home was air conditioned and the food was plenty.

Below is a short video snippet of part of the intro queue — and that was just the beginning. One of our guests is a local videographer who happened to have some of his professional gear in his truck. He broke it out and captured quite a bit of footage that I hope I will be able to share here soon. Until then, enjoy my lame iPhone vid snippet.

2012 Thunder Over Finchville Introduction – A Slappy McSploder/ dangerson/ Fire Dyer production from suburbanviking on Vimeo.

While it is a few days late, Happy Birthday Lady Liberty and America!!!!!

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