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I am visiting family on San Juan Island and was able to spend the day with my folks, sister, bro-in-law and two nieces. We hit the local farmer’s market, grilled sausages for lunch, went on a hike to Young Hill (967 ft above sea level), picked blackberries for a dessert pie, watched deer 25 ft away eat apples from their trees, and thoroughly enjoyed a delicious dinner and dessert with great family company.

While on our hike, we spent time at the top soaking in the magnificent view. You could see Victoria, Canada, all the many islands in the area, container ships in the main shipping channel, and boats in the local bays. It was a gorgeous day with blue skies, puffy white clouds and miles of visibility. So when a tourist couple arrived at the top and began to take each other’s picture, I walked over and offered my Ansel Adams services to take their picture together. And this is where my niece made a quote that cracked me up.

Upon seeing my action, my sister said to my niece, “Isn’t Uncle Dan so nice”.

My niece, without hesitation, replied, “I bet you didn’t think that when you were little”.

She so nailed it!

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