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When a power hungry politician enters office on the cloud of popular reform and “change”, begins to sway political thought, influence media, erode freedoms, tie up liberties, suppress any opposition, expand bureaucracy, and generally corral populations towards “one-size-fits-all” solutions, then the world is in trouble whether we are speaking about today or the past.

75 years ago that same thing happened in Germany and gained huge momentum on this date in the form of “Kristallnacht” or “Night of Broken Glass”. You see, Hitler had risen to power and assumed grip upon German political infrastructure. One of his tactics for the many hurts of Germany (economy in depression, humiliation from WWI defeat) was to seek out scapegoats. While there were many — gypsies, handicapped, non-Aryans — his favorite and most successful were the Jewish people. And on this night in Germany and Austria 75 years ago, he was able to kick start an engine of evil that decimated Jews for years to come. I’ll end my history lesson here and instead point you to a much better penned blog post over at this blog —

The lesson is:

  1. History repeats itself
  2. We MUST remain vigilant

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