The best way to get back into the swing of writing blog posts is just doing it. So enough with the good intentions. Enough with wanting to catch up backlogs to backlogs. As the shoe folks say – “Just do it”.

Our family relationships are critical in more ways than one. Family are some of the closest folks that tend to know us best — good, bad and ugly. They are also the folks we have the biggest influence on. I can guarantee you that my wife, kids, parents and siblings have way more long term and eternal influence on me than any neighbor, boss, co-worker or acquaintances have. So it is very important we give these special God-favoring relationships much respect, honor, and credence. These family relationships will also tend to cross generations and have the biggest “chain” or downstream impact — positive or negative.

On the way home this evening from Scouts, I asked my son if he could do a huge favor for me. He looked over at me inquisitive and said “I think so”.

I prefaced the favor as saying it would probably be one of the biggest, most important favors I would ask of him. His eyes got big and he sheepishly said “OK” in confirmation — even if it was a bit hesitated.

Now thinking through a kid’s mind, he is probably thinking that this is beyond mowing the lawn, cleaning his room, or being diligent in home school. And it was.

I asked him if he would make sure to pass on the love and faith for Jesus Christ to his children. And then when they were of an age of understanding like he is that he would ask this same question of them. His look lightened up and he agreed to the fulfilling of my request, maybe because he then realized that it had nothing to do with his dishevled room.

I then proceeded to explain that it was critical that I pass on my faith in Christ to him and that he does the same for his children and that they do the same for their children. For our faith did not come to us accidentally but rather through our family’s obedient lineage. It is our duty and responsibility to ensure future generations are covered by the forgiveness, salvation and blood of Christ. And one of God’s most entrusted vehicles for that is the family.

As quoted in Deuteronomy 6:7 “Impress them on your children. Talk about them when you sit at home and when you walk along the road, when you lie down and when you get up.”

It is extremely critical that we do not neglect this responsibility. It is a mission trip right in our own back yard. One that is ripe, one that is available, one with the greatest potential for acceptance, and one that often is overlooked.

Interestingly, I have recently begun praying for the spouses of each of my kids. While none of them should be getting married any time soon, their spouses are out there and will be 50% of the team that will be raising MY grandchildren. I pray God is preparing their hearts and minds so that when His will finally intersects their paths together, they are put on His joint path and are equally yoked pulling for His kingdom. Additionally, I have also begun praying for my grandchildren who are even farther down the family tree. But prayer is powerful and an integral part of a spiritual walk — my spiritual walk.

I look forward to referencing back on this post to see how God has grown our family tree for His glory. I also need to have that same favor-request conversation with each of my daughters.

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