This was my wife’s Facebook post to me this morning. I am so blessed.

I think the best gift I can give anyone is prayer and since I have no money to buy you that scope you want I am going to (as soon as I am done typing this) go into my peaceful spot and pray for you.
So this is my bday gift to you:

That you walk humbly with God.
That you continue to grow spiritually.
That you be a Disciple and share the gospel.
That you do His will.
That God protect your heart from sinful nature.
That the words you speak build and encourage your family and friends and especially strangers.
That God bless your friendships.
That you be healthy and honor your body.
That you be a man of peace and let the Holy Spirit guide you.
That you always be a man of courage and protect us from evil.
That you be prayerful and ask God for direction, guidance and discernment.
That you always have a servants heart.
That you always put God first, before me or the kids.
That God be glorified in all the ways you serve Him.

And I will praise God for the man that you are, for your hard work that provides for our family, for your extrovert personality that brings me out of my shell, for blessing our marriage and for putting you in my life. You are my Boaz. I love you and dang you look good for being “29”! Happy Birthday!

…..Dan at aslowerpace dot net


  1. Bill Klem says:

    Happy birthday, friend. You’re all right!

  2. Dan says:

    Thanks, Klem. Sure miss our burger lunches.