This morning I woke up early with my son so we could head to Scouts today for their Scouting For Food drive. This collection of canned goods from the local community will help augment the local food pantry and is a great way for the boys to give back to the community.

Our small den packed into my wife’s truck and we headed to our assigned neighborhood. We told the boys to be on the lookout for bags of food that people were instructed to leave on their front porch or doorstep. Soon enough at one of the first houses we passed by, one of the boys spotted a tan plastic grocery bag right out on the front porch of this house that sat about 50 yards off the street. We sent two of them up to retrieve the goods. We watched them from the truck walk down the driveway towards their target and turn onto the walkway headed to the front door. As they got to the steps of the front porch we saw the bag move, then arch and stretch. It turned out the bag was a Garfield colored cat! We all started laughing in the truck as the boys then had to explain why they were there to the homeowner who just came out the door. He did not have any food to donate so they returned empty-handed to the truck trying to stay composed and hiding their smiles…..all while we were laughing hysterically.

It was a pretty funny Scouting For Food fail because from the street, that cat totally looked like a tan plastic grocery bag full of food.

Here kitty, kitty.

…..Dan at aslowerpace dot net