After having watched the Kenny Chesney concert from 8 to 9pm, I figured I’d push my luck and flip the channel over to the Faith Hill concert from 9 to 10pm. Some more country music entertainment with the wife and kids is worth bending the bedtime rule, right? I was disappointed that the broadcast wasn’t in HD and the concert lacked a little….. something. Being a male, Faith was sure easier on the eyes (my eyes) than Kenny. However, she is not the entertainer he has come to be. She might have the voice, the pop image and the multi-piece band backing her up, but she is no longer country and does not necessarily put on a great show. My wife even made the comment that she needed to stop doing the “bad white man dancing” and just stand behind the microphone and belt out the pop music. We made it through 1 1/2 songs until we all lost interest. The kids ran upstairs to read before bed, my wife left to prep the kitchen for tomorrow and I began watching the recording of “Lost” already going on the ReplayTV.

That’s what I get for pushing my luck.

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