While I have painted Kentucky as a great place for us to move and raise our family, it has its share of detriments, cons, negatives or whatever you want to call them. This exercise will lay out those things we will miss here in California and describe what we are not looking forward to in Kentucky.

It will be interesting to review this list in 6 months to see if what we expect to miss from California and not like in Kentucky ends up being reality. This list will also be different for every person.

What we will miss from California:

  • the consistent nice weather
  • the topography – mountains, beach, etc.
  • the beach – I know I already said it but it gets two since the kids love it
  • In N Out burgers
  • having everything within about a 10 minute drive
  • the leisurely, slow pace of life
  • scratch that last one — I was seeing if you were paying attention. Hah!
  • friends and family so close

What we don’t expect to like in Kentucky:

  • more bugs than California
  • humidity
  • tornados
  • not having everything at our fingertips
  • restaurants with a "smoking" section

Again, it will be interesting to see what is actual reality once we settle in there. I just do exercises like this to keep a healthy perspective. No place is perfect and California has been good to us and gotten our family this far. I just believe that our family needs more and California has changed to a point where other locations will be more beneficial for the family for the long term (20 to 30 years out).

…..Dan at aslowerpace