I have been travelling to Kentucky three to four times annually for a few years now. Every time I have gone, I have been impressed with the slower pace, the friendliness and the lower cost of living. During a recent trip this summer, I took a greater interest and began doing research on the possibilities of moving the family there. My company has a presence there so that was one piece of the puzzle. Another piece was the incredible appreciation in the real estate market in California — so much so that I would not be able to afford the house I live in. What’s up with that?

The other pieces that were appealing were the friendliness of the people, the family values atmosphere and the slower country lifestyle. All these combined, proved to be a draw for what we are looking for and what is best for our family.

This summer, I took my wife and oldest daughter out for a quick trip to determine if this was something our family could actually do. We discussed the pros, cons and options — almost to the point of overkill. We finally determined, as a family, that a move to Kentucky would allow the family greater opportunities for the long term. We were now all on the same page and I could pursue career options with my company in Kentucky.

Fast forward through meetings, phone calls and interviews. I now have a position with my current company in Louisville, Kentucky. Luckily, the company is paying all relocation costs (another benefit and piece to the puzzle). We found a house and property and are closing in the middle of December. The move is during an inopportune part of the year, this being the holiday season and all, but it will get us out there before the beginning of the year and allow us to settle a bit before new school and new work starts.

That is the current state of affairs. A few weeks and counting.