So the french are having a little trouble, are they? What are we going on?…..13 nights of fire and mayhem you say. Maybe the french will just have to get tough and ground all the mischief youth. That should put them all in their place. Because the french know better. They are enlightened and…..french. Reminds me of some of the liberals in this country.

This predicament they are in has been years in the making. And the french acquiescing to radical people who do not WANT to be integrated into their secular society shows the absurdity of their viewpoint. The ongoing riots are just icing on the cake. I’m sure the lesson won’t be learned though. It’s tough to learn when you already know it all.

After reading that above paragraph, I was almost tempted to do a “search and replace” with french=liberal. It would still make sense.

On a final note, all of this was predicted over 20 years ago by the great hair metal band, Dokken in their song “Paris Is Burning”. Hence the post title.

…..Dan at aslowerpace dot net