As you saw from my post Friday, my son turned 10. That is one of those milestone ages and he sure is showing it — in a good way. Recently, while I was on a business trip (conveniently I must say) my wife put him on our zero turn mower and showed him how to mow the lawn. Now while he is still getting used to it and can only do straight lines in open spaces, he handles himself very well I must say. I was initially very concerned and skeptical thinking my wife was prematurely exposing him to unnecessary risk. But I was wrong and it has been working out wonderfully. The only downside is that now there are three of us that like to mow and have to fight for time on the Scag.

I have also been spending more time out in the yard with him throwing the ball. It doesn’t matter what ball — baseball, softball, tennis ball, or football. All I know is that he is now at that point where I don’t have to “baby” throw it to him. He still needs to work on his catching and throwing but he is maturing and growing nicely to where we will have a real, full-fledged game of catch soon. I’m sure in a couple of years we will both be a ways away at our max throwing distance. And then, as I get older, he’ll return the favor and start to “baby” me.

As far as kids go, with R, K and D, this sure is an enjoyable season with each of them. I am just soaking it up.

Oh, and another milestone — R successfully passed her driver’s test today and she now has her license. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

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