As I stated a week ago in my prayer request post, I have been totally slacking at my blog maintenance and post generation. There is lots going on and I have been trying to focus on my family and my “to do” list. Unfortunately, the blog is not one of my top 10 priorities and lately it has showed. We’ll see what will happen in the next few weeks or months. I like to set a goal of posting daily. However, that can be unrealistic given all of the other higher priorities I am trying to balance. I think I might relieve myself of that goal and rather post spontaneously as the ideas or writings come to me. Again, we’ll see how that goes.

And right now as I sit at the computer, I have way more thoughts than time to get them entered.

First, is another prayer request. However, these are prayers of thanksgiving. You see, since my last post a lot has happened to Chris — he is the young jogger who was hit by the van. Let me give you an update and a miracle story.

Last Sunday progressed from us praying for a random person who we didn’t know to praying for a young man from my daughter’s hybrid homeschool who she knows, I have never seen prayer networks come alive for a believer. From our friends who were immediate responders to the homeschool consortium network to the Emmaus community to prayer request statuses on Facebook, the prayer channels came alive and truly had an impact to Chris’s injuries and recovery.

Immediately, we found out that there was no paralysis even though he had broken his neck. Next were brain swelling and bleeding concerns that put him into urgent surgery. Those concerns evaporated and I am convinced it was through prayer. Next was Chris getting up and walking on Tuesday — we’re talking 48 hours after a fragile 160 pound body was assaulted by a 3500 pound van. And that was followed by CHRIS LEAVING THE HOSPITAL ON THURSDAY WITH AN EXPECTED FULL RECOVERY!!!!! How amazing is that?!?!?!? I attribute it all to the power of prayer and how that day unfolded bringing many, many believers to their knees for a young disciple of Christ.

If you read that post last Sunday and put Chris in your prayers — thank you and know that your spiritual petition had a positive impact. If you did not read my post or are just reading this now, know that prayer works and it is critical for your walk with Christ.

If you ever have any prayer requests, please forward them to me. I would be honored to add them to my prayer list.

…..Dan at aslowerpace dot net