Well, my special day is done and past. Thanksgiving is a day where I not only give thanks, but my wife slaves for me making my favorite meal. The smells of the meal wake me up, I get to hang and play with the kids, maybe take a nap, watch some football and pig out eating. Basically I am king for the day.

However, the next day the tables turn. While Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday, the whole Christmas season is my wife’s favorite. And a tradition has developed in our family where the day after Thanksgiving all of our Christmas decorations go up. Actually it’s more like a Christmas bomb went off leaving decoration shrapnel EVERYWHERE! And yours truly is the slave to the wife. I hauled something like 20 or 30 boxes — and those were just from the attic. I didn’t count the ones in the basement. Anyway, I was my wife’s Christmas bitch today. And there was so much stuff (and I snuck in a couple of games of MechAssault on the basement Xbox) that the outside lights and stuff get pushed to tomorrow when it’ll be warmer — a high of 50!!! Woohoo!

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