This posting is from my wife. It was on her Facebook page to her friends and is an amazing story.

My Friends,

This is so amazing I just had to share it with you. On the way home we stopped at Kroger Pharmacy to get D’s pain meds. I dropped off the prescription and wandered over to find some essentials D would need over the next few days. It’s been a long day and I was focused and Kroger was a mad house (maybe because of Easter). I could hear in the background a little boy screaming, “Mommy, she is from MY hospital” over and over. I had forgotten to take off my Kosair Children’s Hospital name tag and he spotted it.

Next I hear, “Mommy I want to talk to her”. That was followed by an “Excuse me”. I look up to see a little boy and his mom — the child an obvious cancer patient. If I had to guess he was about 4, a very tiny 4. I gave him my 100% attention. I explained that I actually didn’t work at Kosair but was very honored to meet him. He went on to explain that he loved Kosair and he was just there today for his chemo treatment. He said he really did love it but he didn’t want to have to go back for anymore treatments. He also said he had many surgeries and didn’t want anymore.

He talked a mile a minute and all with an incredibly beautiful smile. We chit chatted back and forth. His name is Dawson and I told him I would pray for him. He said “Yes please!” and then asked his mom to get him out of the cart so he could hug me. He gave me a huge hug and I thanked him for touching my life.

This is a God moment. I know we were both put in Kroger at the same time for different reasons.

Dawson touched my heart today. Please join me in praying for Dawson that God take this cancer from his little soul and heal him. I have seen today what the power of prayer did for us. God will heal this child.

I reiterate the call to pray for little Dawson. What an amazing soul!

…..Dan at aslowerpace dot net


  1. Mrs. Aslowerpace says:

    What a beautiful child. He spoke with such enthusiasm and real zest for life. We should all have such joy in our hearts.

  2. Kent says:

    Howdy, I missed this on FB, glad you re posted it. What an amazing event. God is defiantly the Great Physician and healing WILL occur. Have added Dawson to my prayer journal. KB