OK…..it’s 1:30am and the new kitten we got three weeks ago has managed to wake 4 out of 5 people sleeping in our house. Of course, all of ’em got right back to sleep but me. I am stone awake with little thoughts running through my head of all the details for the next three weeks. We are less than two weeks away from leaving California — about a week away from the packers and movers and I have to:

  • complete all the details for the packers and movers
  • figure out which tools to leave behind so I can tend to last minute repairs on the house
  • get some important docs notarized
  • enter money info into Quicken…..for the last 3 weeks. Ugh!
  • arrange for all the utilities in Kentucky to get turned on
  • fit in last visits for family and friends…..at least until they come visit us in Kentucky or we return on vacation
  • get the new guy who is replacing my headcount at work up to speed — let the brain dump begin!
  • do one last family day at the Santa Barbara Zoo and beach with lunch
  • finalize a few outstanding issues at work before my transition
  • go to the Auto Club to plot out details of the best route to Kentucky with possible weather impacts and detours
  • figure out what we will need on the road trip out to Kentucky and segregate it from all the other stuff being packed
  • arrange for a UHaul trailer so we can take all those miscellaneous things the movers can’t or won’t take
  • make sure important dates like the school chorus performance and early family Christmas date are in my PalmPilot and don’t get overridden or doublebooked
  • take the kids to the Reagan Library to see the gravesite
  • allot for stuff I know I’ve already forgotten just trying to compile this list
  • keep the house clean in case a realtor wants to show it

Fortunately, all this will be swapped out with another list in three weeks once we get there and begin to settle down. But I think that list will at least let me sleep.

Damn cat!

…..Dan at aslowerpace

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  1. Alan says:

    Happy New Year folks!