I was recently listening to something that prompted me to ponder something that at the same time was profound but also incomprehensible (at least to me).

As created beings, we are bound by the physical world. A huge factor of this physical world is time — something we cannot slow down nor speed up. We are prisoner and slave to it and it marches on relentlessly. We put all sorts of parameters around it and try to control it. And while we cannot control it, about the closest thing we can do is measure it and maximize it. However, we all are guilty of wasting it, wanting more of it, and only thinking within it. On a daily or weekly basis, try counting the number of times that time impacts your thoughts, plans and actions. Whether it is “I’ll get to it later”, or “I don’t have time to…” or “Let’s do it next weekend”, we all are bound by this concept and fact of time. We also tend to frame so much of our spiritual on the time-bound physical (e.g. – not enough time to pray, only go to church on Sunday, occasionally read God’s word on a greeting card, etc).

However, (here’s where it gets cool) God is not bound by time. He isn’t bound by the invention of the Gutenberg press or text messaging. Noah’s ark or the U.S.S. Enterprise do not impress Him.

And a question popped into my mind that I had never thought of before — what if (because God isn’t bound by time) God sacrificed His beloved son Jesus 5 minutes ago for you? We tend to think of that cosmically important event as old, as 2000 years ago, as ancient history. But they weren’t – at least not for God. Because He is not bound by time. He laid down His only Son’s life for your transgressions, your sins, the areas in life where you suck! (And don’t get me wrong, I suck even worse – and He gave His Son for my transgressions, my sins, and my suckness too.)

What if God sacrificed His beloved son Jesus five minutes ago for you? Just so you could be reconciled to Him and have a way to spend everlasting life with Him.

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  1. Mrs. Aslowerpace says:

    Almost 48 hours off of Facebook. Time spent reading Gods word instead.