I haven’t blogged in over a week — and it’s not because I don’t have anything to blog about. Quite the opposite. But all of these things take up time when they actually happen and blogging has been pushed to the side, unfortunately.

In short, we have had R’s 18th birthday celebratory dinner, a minor 2″ basement flood, a weekend visit to R’s college at IWU, and some severe weather including a tornado one county away.

This morning I found my long lost prayer journal. I knew it was not readily locatable, but I hadn’t prescribed it as “lost” yet. I also was not looking diligently for it either. It was a good habit I had in 2009 and some of 2010 but I became a slave to the act of detailing my prayers. In essence, “checking the box” rather than allowing the journal to be a result or inspiration for prayer. Consequently, I slowly stopped using it in an effort to focus on prayer. However, I have spent some of the morning going back over my entries and can see God’s wonderful providence and involvement in my life and the many others I pray for. It is just spectacularly wonderful when you can look back and the painting God has created for our life and see the picture after the paint has dried. That is what I have done this morning. And my intent is to pick that prayer journal back up and integrate it back into my prayer and devotional life.

One entry I made in the first hours of my Emmaus walk struck me as interesting…..and still relevant today.

“Where am I today?
I am a confident disciple knowing history that I have always grown, but always smaller than the day to come. That does not lessen where I was yesterday nor where I need to go tomorrow.”

Here’s hoping my blog writing will increase along with my prayer journal use.

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  1. Caroline says:

    Glad your back