Ray Comfort has shaken people up with his evangelizing videos and interviews. While his methods are effective and straightforward, I like how he also cares about each of his interview subjects in spite of their pride, assertiveness, ignorance, secular nature, or conviction. Even though he might confront their beliefs, he does not yell or put down or attack. Instead he uses tactical, pointed questions to separate topics, break into sections, and debunk popular thinking and cultural attitudes. In the end of his interviews and videos, he will share the Gospel with interview subjects (that is the care part of the interview). I don’t know if folks accept his sharing of the love of Christ, but the fact he does that rather than just interview them sets him apart from others who might just attack someone’s belief system for their own reasons without caring about the subject.

Below is one of Ray’s latest videos which breaks down the evolution theory and shows it is really no different than the creation story in us needing to have faith to put our belief in it. The video is long but worth watching.

Here is Ray’s website — http://evolutionvsgod.com/

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