With my better half gone on her Emmaus Walk, I worked from home today and spent the afternoon and evening with the family. I was able to get some work done as well as attend a couple of conference calls. With that done, we had planned a relaxing family movie night at home. Those plans were shelved when R accepted an opportunity to serve dinner at the women’s Emmaus Walk. Of course I could not say no, so all evening plans were altered to allow for getting her to church in time for her to meet her ride. And rather than head home only to have to head back out to retrieve her, K, D and I grabbed some grub in town. And I surprised them with some fishing at a local park. It was our first fishing of the year and a bit nippy out. While we didn’t get any bites, we killed some time and had some fun.

While waiting for R to arrive back at church we played some tag in the grass. Soon enough R returned, although we were now behind schedule if we wanted to still salvage family movie night. I was ready to postpone it, especially since my wife hasn’t seen the feature of the week — The Blind Side.

However, the kids begged to see it and agreed to get their PJs on as soon as we arrived home. So R, K, D and I sat down on the couch and thoroughly enjoyed the wonderful story that unfolded in front of us. Knowing that Michael Oher is playing for the Baltimore Ravens, I knew there would be a good ending. Those are the kind of movies I like nowadays. As a side note, if you have not seen the movie, please go buy it, rent it, or stream it from Netflix. It is such a good story and one that we all can take something away from. Note to parents, there are a few parts with language — think another term for donkey and female dog as well as the medical term for a male part. Other than that and one scene in the hood where Michael gets physical, it is a good lesson family movie and I would not let any of that get in the way of featuring this at family movie night.

And because I posted a picture of Ashley Judd cheering on Kentucky Wildcat basketball (who won again, by the way), I am also going to post a picture of Sandra Bullock playing the role of Leigh Anne Tuohy. She played it convincingly and did a great job.

And now it’s off to bed because I have to get up early tomorrow for the Men’s Breakfast as well as to pray for the Emmaus women because I am on the prayer chart for 6:30am.

Also, here is the real family picture of Michael Ohr and his family.

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