We were all ready for our family movie/game night on Friday. I picked up the new Madagascar DVD that was released on Tuesday and was on sale at WalMart. However, it wasn’t in the cards. My son and middle daughter got into it through the day and weren’t deserving of our special treat so family movie night was delayed as a disciplinary tool. If they were good enough Saturday, we’d all sit down for a Saturday version of family movie/game night. Luckily they were, and we did.

I also took my son out this morning hunting…..minus the rifle. With him only being five, I want him to first learn about animal patterns, learning the land, moving around quietly and generally understanding his surroundings. We have lots of time to teach him how to shoot separately. Then once he understands all of that, we can put them all together. I expect it to be when he is 7 or 8. I am working on exposing my girls to the same but they are showing less interest. It was very nice to be out for a few quiet nature hours with my son.

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