In reference to my previous post yesterday, one of the things that I thought would help me (and all of us) adjust quicker is to create family memories here in our new home. A while ago back in California, our family started a tradition called “Family Game Night” which was every Friday. We morphed that a little last night into “Family Movie Night”. It was a special night where we ordered pizza, made cupcakes, decorated them with all sorts of cool sprinkles and sugary based substances, dished out ice cream with gooey toppings, and popped in the “Cat In The Hat” DVD on the big screen. It made for a very nice evening as a family and began a new tradition in our house.

This afternoon, my son and I took a stroll out to the front pasture and creek. He rode his bike on the street, threw sticks into the creek and I pushed him as he swung from the rope swing. It was quite chilly outside (39F) but we were dressed for it and enjoyed our time out in the cold sun. Soon enough we had been out there an hour and a half and returned a little bit muddy, not realising the attached muck in all the fun. Again, another Kentucky memory burned into the brain to help in our adjustment.

Late church tomorrow and we are 3 for 3 in 2005!

…..Dan at aslowerpace