I have the NASCAR Cup race on TV while I am tinkering about on the pool, garage and laptop. They are racing at Pocono and experiencing a short rain delay so they are interviewing all the drivers to kill broadcast time before the race.

One of the drivers, Clint Bowyer, was being interviewed and was asked about the recent Ford decision to kill the Mercury line. He was asked because he owns a beloved custom ’49 Merc and the reporter asked if he had stored up all the parts he’s gonna need to keep it running.

His response cracked me up:
“That’s funny. Well, you know, I gotta be careful. I gotta make sure that, uh…..it does have a Chevrolet engine in it. It’s gotta have a Chevy in it to get down the road. It wouldn’t run.”

…..Dan at aslowerpace dot net