So last Sunday was Father’s Day and my son thought he was funny with one of the gifts he gave me. It was a pair of my own underwear that had somehow gone through the laundry but made it to his dresser drawer instead of into mine. He wrapped it up and gave it to me as a gift. He thought it was funny.

However, he did not strategically think it through all the way. You see, his birthday was today — very close to Father’s Day. He should have done this on another gift giving occasion that didn’t have another gift giving date so close to it for me to reciprocate. So I used the opportunity to give him the same thing back — a pair of his clean underwear wrapped up. The funny thing is that he was bothered by this more than me because he thought it “counted” as one of his gifts and he felt like he got jipped.

Dad always has the last laugh.

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