It has been a while since I have posted about my morning commute drive in. And this morning I have reason to write — it was truly spectacular. It started off with the big orange ball right above the horizon. Except the big orange ball I am referring to is the full moon. It was suspended just above the stick treeline, its orange luminescent sphere radiating against the dark blue western sky. It was so beautiful that I had to call home to let the Mrs. in on the beauty of God’s creation this morning.

A few miles after spotting the lunar scenery I passed by two ponds that are a part of my every day commute. A wispy mist hung above the ponds and on one of them I spotted a lone white swan. Again, another beautiful example of God’s creation this morning.

And further into work as I cruised along the Gene Snyder freeway I was glowed by another ball of orange, this time to the east in the form of the rising sun. It slowly elevated so as to illuminate the day which was off to a very fine start.

I pray that you were able to stop for a moment and marvel at the beauty of God’s creation all around each one of us. If not, don’t wait until tomorrow morning. Start now.

…..Dan at aslowerpace dot net

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