My wife sent this to my work email this morning. It cracked me up but also touched my heart.

Conversation last night in the car:

D: Mom I am going to be a police officer when I grow up, is that OK?
Me: Whatever you want.
D: I am asking because of dad.
Me: Dad will want you to follow your dreams.
D: But it’s going to be really really awkward when I am giving him a ticket for speeding, like 20 minutes of awkward.
Me: Then maybe you show show him some grace.
D: No mom I want him to slow down because I love him.

I guess I need to slow down. Not because my son might one day give me a ticket, but because he loves me and is concerned. That should be enough motivation for anyone.

Now, what in your world do you need to stop doing? Because Jesus loves YOU and He is concerned.

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  1. Ed Diaz says:

    I believe in Emmaus follow up we’d call this a DUH-sciple moment. He loves you, and so does your son, so its time to slow down! Walk with courage and truth. Ed