My week of work on the west coast has concluded. It was a great opportunity to be with my boss, my team and also take a side trip to visit my family. I was so happy I could bring K and drop her off with my sister so the cousins could hang out. Ultimately, I wish I could have just stayed as well, but someone has to be responsible and pay the bills.

In the photo above, I almost wished I was on that Hawaiian Airlines planes headed to an island, however, I sure miss my wife and other kids so that will have to wait for another day. The Olympic mountains sure looked pretty in the distance and after we took off we had a spectacular view of Mount Rainier peaking (and peeking) above the clouds. In the distance, we could also see Mt. St. Helens and another volcanic mountain a bit closer.

As the plane was pushed back from the terminal and began to taxi, there was one maintenance worker who happily and eagerly waved goodbye to the plane. His enthusiasm was wonderful to watch and he was an obvious standout to the rest of the folks down there who were mundanely going through the paces of a regular Saturday morning flight departure. Not wanting his energy to go to waste, I leaned across K who had the window seat and waved back to him. He smiled as we went by and pointedly waived to me. It was so cool to see someone go about their daily work with energy, enthusiasm, and joy in addition to wanting to spread happiness around. So this is a shoutout to that SEA-TAC Delta ground crew member who excels at his daily job. Dude, you ROCK and your extra mile effort is noticed and appreciated.

Imagine if everyone you came in contact with was joyful, energetic and enthusiastic. How different and joyful would your day be? Now go even further and imagine if YOU were one of those people. That SEA-TAC Delta guy sure inspired me to do that.

Go do it!

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