Turn on the evening news, hit up an internet news site, or open up a newspaper, and you will have reason after reason to be pessimistic about the future of our country. There seems to be no end to the stupid, violent, or pathetic stories that color our society. From Casey Anthony to Weiner to removing God from our Pledge of Allegiance, the vibe from today’s society paints one of the more depressing and pessimistic views of where we are headed as a nation in regards to values, ethics, unity, and beliefs. I could probably sum it up with the quote “Ask not, what your country can do for you? Ask what you can do for your country.” being replaced with the quote “What’s in it for me?”.

However, this weekend a small sliver of light and hope flashed in front of me. You see, I spent four days camping with the Boy Scouts and then finished the weekend at a Chrysalis closing. Both these organizations are properly centered on values and skills (Scouts) and Christ (Chrysalis). Both organizations are dedicated to growing our youth on those bedrocks rooted in a faith perspective. The Scouts are a faith based group tirelessly teaching our young boys how to be real men. Men who know how to tie a knot one minute, and dress a wound another. How to build something and how to serve others. How to respect nature and how to honor the God who created it. Chrysalis, on the other hand, focuses on building our youth’s relationship with Christ. They are given tools to further their walk and deepen their faith. They are then loved, encouraged, and equipped to go out into our world to love and serve others.

I cannot think of two organizations that are doing more for our very challenged youth of today. And because these two organizations are infusing faith and values into our youth, I actually have a bit of hope for the future of our nation.

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