Scientifically, global warming has been shown to, at best, be myopically focused on incomplete science. And while I am not here to debate the specifics, I welcome the warmer winter we have had here in Kentucky. So far we have only had one or two cold snaps (defined by me as multiple days below 32F freezing throughout the day). And let’s face it – when it’s 10F or 20F degrees for multiple days in a row, the weather just sucks. And last year we had that condition for a few weeks on end with no breaks. So I have come to dread winters.

But this year has been a welcome change. Outside of the few cold snaps described above we have had temps in the 40’s and 50’s. Some night time temps dropped below freezing while some daytime temps have hit 60F. How nice is that? And with multiple days of bright sunshine to boot, I really can’t complain about this winter so far. In fact, I even ate lunch outside in the 45F sunshine last week. Granted, I had a jacket on and had to come in after a while, but it was tolerable and nice to be outside in the sunshine — something that normally can’t be done in Kentucky this time of year.

As far as the winter weather, it could even change and dump a foot of snow and I would be OK with that. Even if it’s cold from here until Spring, we are already ahead of the game.

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  1. A Slower Pace » Blog Archive » Winter’s finally here….. says:

    […] I blogged a week ago about the non-winter we are enjoying. Unfortunately, it was not to last. A system blew in yesterday that brought an inch of snow (which is no big deal) and 15F degree temps (which IS a big deal). Add on top of that 30-50mph winds and if you were outside you were miserable. The cold, frigid wind cuts right through you. […]