My wife and R took off for Indiana this afternoon to attend one of the first of many college visit and tour days. They will spend tonight in the dorms and tour the campus tomorrow to see what it’s all about.

That gave me time to spend with K and D. I had some work from home stuff to wrap up late this afternoon. But once that was done, I donned my swim trunks and played out in the pool with them. The water was perfect and we wrestled, made a wave pool, floated on inner tubes and jumped around.

After that I told them I had a surprise. This usually is a game for all of us because they try to guess where we are going and I try to throw them off. To make things more interesting, some surprises are boobie prizes. For example, I think one time they got all excited and jumped in the truck and I took them to get the mail or out to the back property or something lame like that. Other times I have taken them to their favorite ice cream place — Graeter’s.

Tonight was a good surprise night — but I didn’t want them to know that…..yet. I first started out and it ended up being Kroger because I had some things to pick up. Well, Kroger happens to be right next to the Homemade Ice Cream and Pie Kitchen……which I drove towards after Kroger…..but drove right by. You now get the picture of the game.

So go from there to the bank (which is by Wendy’s which was a possibility for Frostys — but no) and then onto I-64. I then took the cloverleave north on the Snyder (I-265) but then stayed on the cloverleave to take me west, but stayed on the cloverleave to take me south, but stayed on the cloverleave to take me east. Again, you get the picture. After a few circuits on the cloverleave I finally ended up in front of Graeter’s and they didn’t even get out or believe me until I actually parked and got out of the car.

Dad thinks he’s funny!

Our ride home was much quicker and more enjoyable as we ate ice cream cones on the way home. Such is life at our crazy home.

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