So this morning was my 2nd Friday to get up at oh-dark-hundred and make my way downtown to the Wayside Christian Mission to serve food for the homeless. A friend from my men’s accountability group has been going for quite a while now and he invited me to join him. More on the actual experience and perspective later. This funny story is from today.

I served the chow line during the first wave from 6am to 7am. At 7am, the recovery group has an AA type meeting so all the volunteers go to the kitchen to prep for 1/2 hour. I took on the mounds of potatoes that needed cutting. My buddy shared with me the sharpest knife in the kitchen to make my work easier. So I tore into bag after bag of donated potatoes, rubbing off the little sprouts before I cleaved each spud multiple times into the cubes they needed to be. I probably did about 300 potatoes all morning and ended my shift uneventfully.

I get to work and am quite hungry seeing as I had a very small breakfast so early in the morning. So I grab an apple on my desk and take it to the kitchen. And here’s the funny part — I cut myself right off the bat as I sliced the apple. I thought to myself, sheesh, 300 potatoes and no problems yet, here at work, this little apple takes me out.

At least it’s Friday!

…..Dan at aslowerpace dot net


  1. Haelie says:

    Sounds a bit like my Friday! :o) Hope all is well…in spite of your cut.

  2. A Slower Pace » Blog Archive » Precious….. says:

    […] and serve breakfast down at Wayside Christian Mission as I have been doing every Friday lately (see this previous funny post on an earlier incident). My son put a small whiteboard outside of his door with the message for me […]