All you readers are lucky. With today being April Fool’s Day, it was my intention to post something funny and spectacular hoping to hook those who are gullible. However, there was a void of creative (and innocent and harmless) ideas in my cranium so it didn’t happen. None the less, welcome to April.

Today was the first spoiler day in a string of 70F degree sunny, beautiful days. The 52F degree temps mixed with clouds and rain showers contrasted with the gorgeous spring days of Tues, Wed and Thurs. I don’t mind it though because, as I have learned and adapted, I took full advantage and appreciation of those sunny days. During those days I played in by the creek with the kids, informally chatted with the neighbors for quite a while, swung the kids on the tree swing and sat with my wife on a recently moved bench pointed towards the sunset.

Regarding my recent post on the Schiavo saga, my wife and I had a conversation on the same topic. She has some similar experience on the issue and once again my viewpoint has been influenced. I think the takeaway from all of this is to talk with your loved ones and let them know specifically how YOU feel and what should be done to YOU. Only you should be affected by your beliefs. It gets ugly and messy when people start imposing their beliefs — pro-life or right to die — onto others who cannot speak for themselves.

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