With our vacation over, we woke up early so we could hit the road and begin the 10 hour road trip home. The truck was packed and we had already cleaned up what needed to be done so all we had to do was wake up, pack up the small remainder, say goodbye and grab some donuts for the road. While packing up the small remaining items into the truck, I looked up at the beautiful morning Florida sky and saw the last stars in the dark blue sky resisting the daylight rushing upon them. Venus was bright and hung brightly and surprisingly, was assaulted by a gorgeous streak of bright light — a shooting star. It began my morning off right as we departed and hit our favorite Florida donut store — the Donut Hole. A dozen donuts are split by a family of 4 so we each selected 3 of our favorites — mine being a blueberry cake, pumpkin spice and devil’s food. Coupled with a tall glass of 2% milk in an adult sippy cup, I was geared to drive 10 hours.

We departed Destin going over the cross bay bridge and were treated to a gorgeous sunrise over the water. Due to my wife’s bridge phobia, I was not able to multi-task and snap a picture while I drove across (which is probably a good thing). However, let me assure you that it was a beautiful send off and nice way to end our time down there.

The 10 hour drive home actually took 12 hours due to potty breaks, two gas stops, a shared What-A-Burger lunch in ‘Bama with one of our vacation families, and more potty breaks. We arrived home to the happy whining of the dogs, the upset meowing of the cats and a mildly chilling autumn evening as the sun went down in Kentucky. We loved our beach week vacation but were all so glad to get back to our country home. We thanked God in prayer for our family time, our safe travels, our return home, and the memories that were created with family and friends.

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