This morning’s devotions had a nice story in it. The pastor giving it was from a volunteer church, here to do a mission just like our group.

There once was a well-to-do woman who hailed a taxi from the airport to return home. On the way home the taxi driver took the woman on a shortcut through the more run down part of town. As she looked out the window, she saw a little girl playing outside. She was ragged, looked disheveled and had on dirty clothes. She had bare feet and was playing in the dirt. The lady asked the driver to stop.

She said “The mother of that child must not love that child very much.”

The driver looked over at the child and recognized her. He replied “I know the mother of that child and she does love her very much.”

The lady looked at the driver with a bewildered look.

The driver went on. “You hate the dirt, but do not love the child”.

He continued, “The mother doesn’t mind the dirt, but she loves the child”.

That is what God calls us to do. Love the child…..and each other.

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