Well the UK Wildcats made it one more round last night. It wasn’t pretty but they defeated Utah to make it to the elite eight. The neighbors came over last night and we thoroughly enjoyed their company. The kids all played while the parents chatted and watched the game. It made for a late night though and I didn’t get to bed until way past my bedtime — 12:45a to be exact. I sure was tired this morning getting up for our church work Saturday. But it was a great thing for us to go and help out cleaning the church and getting it ready for Easter Sunday tomorrow. All of our kids helped in a big way too pitching in dusting, planting, vacuuming, pressure washing and sweeping. I was very proud of our family’s contribution especialy seeing as we made up one third of the work force. As a treat for the kids’ hard work, we went to Sonic for ice cream.

And then this evening, U of L made it into the Final Four! This will continue to get exciting.

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