If you have been reading this blog for a while, you know that I enjoy my country drive to work. Whether going to work or coming home, it is a decompressing time that allows me to soak up God’s creation whether it is gorgeous outside, raining, cold and snowy, or picturesque. There is so much for me to look around and ponder. To see His creativity. And if I am aware and observant, there is always something neat around me.

This morning was no different. I was about 3 miles from the house when, out of the corner of my eye from the direction of the rising sun, I see a brown bird flying at a 45 degree angle towards the car. I figured it was a hawk…..until it got closer. Then it began flapping its wings frantically. It seems that the female turkey hen didn’t want to hit (or get hit by) my car driving along the country road. She barely cleared me and I leaned forward to look out and up the windshield to see this large hen 3-4 feet above my car.

Once clear, she stopped flapping and resumed her glide into the trees and away from harm. All I could say was “Cool!”.

An even better drive was last Thursday. It was a day after the full moon and it was hanging low in the western sky brilliantly beaming out against the clear morning sky. As it descended, it got bigger — just like it does when it rises. In itself, it was a beautiful picture.

And then I looked in the rear view mirror to see the glazing ball of orange rise across the Kentucky countryside. I literally could get both glowing balls into my field of view as I looked ahead at the moon while the rising morning sun was in my rear view mirror. As I changed course down the highway while there were no cars around, I literally could turn my head back and forth, east to west, sun to moon to capture a truly amazing rare sight.

It only lasted a few minutes and I felt like I was a witness to one of God’s nature creation secrets. I wonder how many others were able to enjoy that morning gift last week.

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