Add another book finished on my 2012 personal reading list. I finished “Switch” this evening. It was a very good book on change and how you can break it down, provide clear direction, and smooth the path towards acceptance. The plus side was that I am still two days ahead of schedule — I have already started my next book, “Hurt Healer” by Tony Nolan, which I do not officially need to start until Monday. The down side is that I lost my significant head start I had. I was on an awesome roll right out of the gate in January. However, February has been fraught with medical challenges with my wife and managing the household, kids and work via the hospital. I thought I would get some good reading time in at the hospital but usually used it for power napping or managing social media updates for wonderful folks who kept us going with prayers, visits, meals, cards, flowers, etc. Reading wasn’t very high on my list and my progress and habit were watered down by life’s emergencies. Thankfully, we are through most of that and I am optimistic that I can return to very productive reading now.

Also, because it is the end of February, it will be goal review time soon. Stay tuned.

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