In the weekly Bible study and accountability group I go to, a friend of mine was discussing the book he is currently reading, C.S. Lewis’s “The Screwtape Letters“. The premise of the book is a senior demon mentoring a lower demon on all the ways to corrupt a person and keep them from a relationship with God. One of the letters describes a way for them to get people to think about God in an untouchable, historical, “white robe and sandals” form rather than all around us.

Our conversation then took us to ways that God is all around us — in acts of kindness and compassion, in nature, in beautiful things we see, in other people. We shared how some scenes in nature bring us closer to God. I call these “nature triggers”. They can be a gorgeous sunrise/sunset, the majestic mountains, the breeze through the trees, or the rays of sunlight poking through the clouds. All of these should remind us of the wonderful Creator who made all these for His glory. And each time we see them it should prompt us to ponder Him.

Which leads me to the picture below. It was posted by a friend on Facebook and, even though it was a picture and I did not experience this “live”, it was a “nature trigger” for me in its beauty.

I wish you many “nature triggers” this weekend and the coming week. God is truly all around us.

…..Dan at aslowerpace dot net