Today was quite challenging at work. My boss is in Europe and there was quite a big issue that came up that went up the food chain. I ended up in a meeting with my boss’s boss’s boss working on an issue that had significant ramifications. Luckily, everyone focused on the facts at hand, gaps and risks, and possible solutions. There were no witch hunts or people thrown under the bus — quite a bit different than previous environments I’ve been exposed to.

But the day was challenging none-the-less. Multiple emergency meetings, efforts to keep everyone informed, documentation, and more communication. So when my last meeting ended at 8pm (luckily I called in from home — remember, Life-Work balance) I was ready to spend time with the family and decompress.

So pool time and splashing were the cure. I played in the pool for about an hour with K and D. And then spontaneously, I asked if anyone wanted to do a “field trip” to our favorite ice cream stop — Graeter’s Ice Cream.

Almost any day — hard, difficult, challenging, bad or just downright suckie — can be turned around with a little swimming and some ice cream.

And to top it off, I paused while swimming to watch a lone heron flap his wings slowly into the sunset. It was a scene of beauty that allowed me to just slow down and smell the roses. This evening, “a slower pace” really meant it.

…..Dan at aslowerpace dot net


  1. Christine says:

    here’s to swimming, icecream, and life-work balance!

  2. Dan says:

    You said it…..and you got the last one right — LIFE/work balance. You put the important one first.

    Happy weekend!