While upgrading my ReplayTV with a larger hard drive for more capacity, I also created a photo partition to load family pix onto it. That way, when I hit the pause button or the screen saver kicks on, I get an impromptu slide show of cool family pix (try THAT T*vo!).

I went through digital pix for the last 3 years and most were from back in CA. It was refreshing and bittersweet going through them. It brought back some emotions but different than a week and half ago were I was having challenges with our decision. Some of the pictures made me realize how far we have come. How much our kids have grown, how much we have changed, how much is still the same, how much work we have done. While in some ways I still missed our home and California, it also made me proud of how far we have come and how good I believe our decision is to come here. The decisions we made years ago have brought us to the fruits I saw in the pictures and that reinforced the decision we were in the midst of right now.

Again, similar pictures to what I was viewing a few weeks ago, but instead of looking at them with sadness and loss, I was looking at them as a document to our decision making to what is best for our family and proof that we have been doing the right thing all along since the inception of this family.

…..Dan at aslowerpace