The post below was on my wife’s Facebook status this morning.

Last week about this time I really thought if I closed my eyes I may not wake up. Two thoughts crossed my mind:
1) I wasn’t afraid; I was ready to meet Jesus
2) yet I wasn’t ready to die

You see I have this incredible hope and faith and I thought about the people out there suffering that didn’t have hope or faith and how that broke my heart. How they could be at a low point and have no hope? Having God in my life makes all the difference in everything I do and how I live. I, more than ever, want to bring my non-believer friends to the light. I believe this experience wasn’t about me at all. God was using me to bring people to Him. He wanted to hear from people and if it was praying for me then so be it. So for all those people who struggled to pray and find the words, you brought tears to God’s eyes and He wants to continue to hear from you. He cares immensely about your heart . There is hope and light and love and you have a Savior. God loves you so.

Pretty cool insight considering all she’s been through these last several weeks.

…..Dan at aslowerpace dot net

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